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How to Bridge the Gap Between New Discoveries and Useful Bioproducts

Deborah Pascoe, Culture’s VP of Operations, shared technical and non-technical learnings from...

Now is the Time to Start Using a Cloud Lab

Is COVID-19 affecting your lab operations? Run bioprocess experiments from your laptop at home...

Building a Better Bioreactor: an Interview with our CTO, Matt Ball

In a previous interview with Culture’s CEO and cofounder, Will Patrick, we explored the origins...

Leaving Google to Write Code and Make Lasagna at Culture


An interview with Satshabad Khalsa, a Software Engineer at Culture, about his career journey.

Culture's Founding Story: An Interview with CEO Will Patrick

One year after launching the company, Culture Biosciences’ co-founder and CEO, Will Patrick,...

Integrating Machine Learning with Fermentation Engineering

We spoke with Culture's first Fermentation Engineer, Sal Mireles, about how Culture and his role...

Making Medicines and Microbial Fuel Cells

An Interview with Masaki Yamada, a Senior Fermentation Engineer at Culture Biosciences

From Baking Bread to Making Biofuel

An Interview with Culture Bioscience's Director of Fermentation: Fre Tachea