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Supplementing In-House Bioreactor Capacity to Run High-Throughput DOEs

A case study of a pharmaceutical client who supplemented in-house capacity with Culture's...

Early Stage Biotech Company Ran ~900 Bioreactors in First Year

Early stage biotech companies can now start running high-throughput bioreactor experiments faster.

New Analysis Tool with Dynamic Graphing Launched

Announcing a new dynamic graphing tool on our online analysis platform. Sign-up for a demo!

Fixing Nitrogen: Cleaner Agriculture Through Microbial Fertilizers

Pivot Bio is working to replace synthetic nitrogen fertilizer with a cleaner and more sustainable...

Increasing Bioprocess Productivity With Continuous Product Removal

We spoke with Kirsten Steinbusch, PhD, the CEO of DAB about her work in trying to make industrial...

Develop Your Bioprocess in a Representative Scale-down Model

New data shared by one of our clients who scaled their process from our 250mL reactors up to 300L

Anaerobic Fermentation: A Breath of Fresh Air for Synthetic Biology?

We spoke with Hugo Cueto-Rojas, PhD, a fermentation expert who has worked on both industrial...

Making Medicines and Microbial Fuel Cells

An Interview with Masaki Yamada, a Senior Fermentation Engineer at Culture Biosciences

Live Data Monitoring Launched

Announcing the launch of live data monitoring on our fermentation data website,

From Baking Bread to Making Biofuel

An Interview with Culture Bioscience's Director of Fermentation: Fre Tachea 

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