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Now is the Time to Start Using a Cloud Lab

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revised December 8, 2022

Is COVID-19 affecting your lab operations? Run bioprocess experiments from your laptop at home with Culture’s cloud lab.

As a bioprocess scientist, you’ve likely faced some operational setbacks due to COVID-19. Whether you need to: make up for lost time on delayed research projects, increase your team’s bandwidth, or limited by existing lab capacity, Culture’s cloud lab offers a solution. 


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Increase Bioreactor Capacity without Expanding Your Lab

With Culture, you can run as many bioreactors as you need in our bioreactor facility, and you can do it all from your laptop at home. Yes – as many as you need. One of our clients ran 52 parallel bioreactors and doubled titer in just one week. If you’re looking to make up for lost time and maximize efficiency going forward, Culture empowers you to quickly increase your bioreactor capacity and multiply your efforts. In a recent interview with our client Modern Meadow, their Fermentation Team Leader Shashwat Vajpeyi explained how Culture has been crucial for their bioprocess development during this time.

“Now more than ever it is critical that we can use Culture for testing new strains; due to COVID-related delays with some of our pilot scale partners, we need to use all of our in-house capacity for material generation. Every bioreactor run we can do with Culture is one we don’t need to do in-house, saving us time and energy.”

No More Spreadsheets: Access Your Data from Anywhere

Another benefit of using Culture in today’s world? All of our bioreactors run in the cloud: this means that while your bioreactor experiments run in our lab, you can use our online dashboard to monitor them 24/7 and analyze your data. Because all of your data is in the cloud and accessible online, sharing and collaborating with your teammates is easy to do from anywhere. No more sending multiple spreadsheets or trying to figure out which version everyone is viewing. Now that working from home is the new normal, we’ve made digital biomanufacturing a reality so you can continue designing and executing experiments seamlessly.  Do you need to start running experiments quickly? Talk to our team to start in less than a month.




Wondering how Culture's lab can stay open during COVID-19?

With the safety protocols we’ve established, Culture’s lab is fully operational. One of the measures we have in place to ensure our team stays safe and our lab stays open is the Healthy at Work program, which requires that our lab team logs any health symptoms, reports symptoms and receives a COVID-19 test every other week. Culture also has specific Lab Use Guidelines, including use of PPE and frequent disinfection of lab equipment and high-touch surfaces. Additionally, our lab team works in two separate shifts to maintain social distancing and ensure we are always available to our customers.

Don’t let COVID-19 slow your bioprocess development. Get in touch with us to start planning your bioreactor runs in our cloud lab or request a demo to see how our solution works.

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