High-Throughput Bioreactor Data

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revised December 19, 2022

With access to higher throughput benchtop bioreactors, our customers are able to screen cell lines and optimize processes in parallel. 

One of the primary motivations for building our own bioreactors was having the ability to quickly scale our capacity. We want to offer biopharma companies the ability to do high-throughput bioreactor experiments quickly and easily so that they can get the data they need to get to market sooner. Instead of phasing out experiments based on bioreactor capacity constraints, our goal is to enable clients to run massive parallel experiments to screen cell lines or optimize processes in one shot.Last month, one of our clients set a new record for us by running 52 bioreactor experiments in parallel. Taking advantage of our high-throughput capabilities, they did cell line screening and process development work simultaneously. They were looking to see which process/cell line combination gave the highest product titer.  Check out some of the data outputs from these experiments below. 

Figure 1: OD600 measurements for 52 bioreactors run in parallel. The cells were grown in a batch-phase for 40 EFT, and then feed was initiated by a DO spike after all of the initial substrate was consumed. The cells entered a lag phase during product formation around 80 EFT.


OD600 measurements for 52 bioreactors in parallel


Figure 2:  Oxygen uptake rate (OUR) from the 52 parallel bioreactor runs. Note the dip around 40 EFT across all samples, which coincided with a DO-spike feed-initiation strategy. 


OUR for 52 bioreactors in parallel