Customer Stories

Early Stage Biotech Company Ran ~900 Bioreactors in First Year

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Early stage biotech companies can now start running high-throughput bioreactor experiments faster.

One of our customers came to us after raising seed money, with only one full-time scientist on their team and no bioreactors in their lab. They were able to start running benchtop bioreactor experiments with us in a matter of weeks, first establishing an initial process and then using it for high-throughput strain screening. They are now a team of 12 with several 1-2L reactors in-house, but continue to use Culture Biosciences for running high-throughput fermentation experiments.



As noted by their CSO, the lead time for setting up a single-use benchtop bioreactor system in house can be over a year. Had they purchased one instead of deciding to work with Culture, they would just be starting to run experiments now, and the number they could run annually would be ~500 total. 


“Being able to immediately start running fermentation experiments in bioreactors with Culture was amazing. Had we decided to buy a single-use benchtop system in-house, we might still be waiting for it…”  -CSO and Co-Founder